Halo Head Spa

Indulge in unparalleled relaxation with our Halo Head Spa service.
Abandon yourself in a holistic scalp treatment that will leave you feeling completely immersed in a unique sensory experience.

Begin a transformative journey of tranquility and relaxation with our Halo Head Spa, designed to provide organic care for your scalp and hair, combining therapeutic massage techniques with modern luxury for a truly unique experience.  Our premium biodynamic range of hair treatments have been curated to deliver not only a luxurious treatment but have also been designed to Rebalance, Soothe, Purify, Rebuild and assist with Hair Loss

Feel the benefits of using a harmonious blend of rhythmic movements and acupressure techniques. From the crown of your head to the nape of your neck, every touch is designed to release tension and promote a deep sense of calm.

60-Min Session: Personalised O-Way biodynamic hair Treatment including exfoliation, shampoo and intensive hair mask and steam treatment, Scalp Massage, Eye Mask, head & Neck Massage

90-Min Session:  Personalised O-Way biodynamic hair Treatment including exfoliation, shampoo and intensive hair mask and steam treatment, Scalp Massage, Eye Mask, head & Neck Massage

Choose from:

  • Foot massage & leg massage with hot towel compress and  mint crème
  • Flowerfall organic botanical rinse & hand massage
  • Organic facial with botanic serums
  •  LED light therapy (face) with cleanse & serums

Halo Head spa is a specialized treatment that places primary emphasis on the scalp, intended to cleanse, stimulate, and nourish both the scalp and hair as well as providing a fully relaxing immersive experience. As such we do not rush and the treatment is designed to be thoughtfully paced. Please arrive in time for your treatment.

What are the benefits of a head spa?

Potential advantages encompass enhanced blood circulation, elimination of product buildup, diminished dandruff, reinforced hair follicles, relaxation, and a meditative state.

How often should I get a head spa?

The frequency depends on individual needs, but many recommend once a month for optimal scalp health & relaxation benefits

How long does a head spa treatment take?

Treatments can range from  60 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the specific services included.

Are blow outs included?

A blow out is not included with the Halo Head Spa. Normally after a head spa service, we would simply towel dry the guest’s hair. If a guest would prefer to dry their hair, they are more than welcome to do so! We can provide brushes and a blow dryer for this situation.

Will the Head Spa affect my hair color/keratin?

All of our ingredients are safe for any kind of treated hair! However, if you had recently done any kind of chemical services within a week before your Head Spa appointment, there is a chance that the color/keratin may lift during our detoxing process. Therefore, we recommend customers to wait at least a week after any kind of hair treatment before receiving a Head Spa. 
We also recommend waiting at least a week after having a Head spa before doing any kind of chemical services. You wouldn’t want to apply chemicals to a freshly cleaned scalp!

Is the Head Spa safe for expecting mothers?

Our Head Spa uses completely biodynamic, sulphate, paraben free  and natural ingredients; therefore, it is completely safe for pregnant customers. However, some guests may be concerned about being exposed to certain herbs and oils such as lavender while they are expecting. Therefore, it would be best to consult your doctor to see if anything you should avoid. 
Another concern would be that we require guests to lay completely flat on your back during the whole duration of the service. If this is something you are unable to do, then it may be best to wait until after the delivery before trying the head spa.

Can I record myself during the service?

Once in the Head Spa room, all cell phone usage will be prohibited. Please set your phone to silent mode and set it aside before starting the appointment. If you do wish to record the treatment for social media purposes, please do let the therapist know. We are more than happy to facilitate this for you.


Oway the premium, luxury, biodybamic, Organic Way in haircare renowned for its use of sustainable, natural products. It utilises the purest of ingredients, including zero-mile biodynamic extracts, micronised plants, hydrolates and essential oils. Throughout its production process, Oway relies on renewable solar energy and uses only essential packaging – which is recycled, recyclable  or eco-certified – to minimise its impact on the environment.

So not only is it the ultimate in ethical hair products it carries you on a sensory journey and enhances your halo spa experience.