Colonic Irrigation and Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy often referred to as Colonics or Colon Irrigation. Effectively they describe the process of Hydrotherapy, the use of water for inner cleansing. Colon Hydrotherapy is safe, clean and relaxing.

A slow, steady and soothing flow of purified warm water is instilled gently into the colon through a disposable, hygienic rectal tube.

Your privacy is maintained and our use of the Open Colonic System, means the therapist is “on call” for you rather than in the treatment room with you.

A toxic bowel is the source of many health problems. By stripping down the old toxic mucus lining from the colon, we remove the number one source of disease in the body. In addition, we open up the bowel to a more efficient means of waste elimination and nutrient absorption, both of which are essential to any lasting healing process.

This is also the first step towards strengthening and normalizing the bowel so that friendly bacteria return to the colon and as a result, keep it safe from putrefaction and other auto-intoxication.

Our staff are fully qualified colonic therapists and have been providing discreet colonic hydrotherapy services for over 10 years.


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  • Colon Hydrotherapy Overview
    • Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, clean and relaxing method of removing toxins and waste from the colon or large intestine. We utilise the latest ‘state of the art’ equipment operated by fully qualified therapists in private hygienic surroundings.
    • This amazing therapy leaves you feeling sensational, with increased vitality, glowing skin and clear white eyes. So whether or not you are experiencing problems colon hydrotherapy can help, and referral from your doctor or naturopath is not necessary.
    • Colon hydrotherapy is a regular practice for many people just because they know it helps to maintain excellent health. It can also provide special assistance and relief to patients awaiting colonoscopy and sufferers of chronic or painful illness. In such cases close consultation with the person’s doctor is maintained.
    • Every cell & Tissue in the body is fed by the blood stream which is supplied by the bowel, when the bowel is dirty the blood is dirty, and so are the organs & tissues, it is the bowel that must be cared for first before any effective healing can take place (Dr Bernard Jenson)
    • Initial consultation – $110.00 – 75 minutes
    • Follow up sessions – $100.00 – 60 minutes
    • OR
    • Pre pay 3 sessions – $250.00 (every colonic includes electrolytes and probiotic)
    • Add $50.00 for herbal colonic or coffee colonic (please note that herbal and coffee colonics are only after you have had a standard colonic treatment)
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  • The Ultimate Detox
    • Visit our special offers for Detox packages or contact us directly and we can work one out to suit your needs
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