Wellness & Recovery

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Once only the domain of elite athletes and celebrities  Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments are now accessible everyone.

 Whether you want to recover from strenuous exercise, recover from injury or surgery, want to boost your energy levels or to minimise the complications from chronic diseases, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is ideal for your overall health. A typical session lasts an hour and you will emerge feeling relaxed and refreshed.


How Does It Work?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy harnesses the power of oxygen and pressure. You rest inside the HBOT chamber, breathing oxygen-enriched air in a pressurised environment.

HBOT sessions are 45 minutes long but allow 60 minutes for total appointment. Before getting into the chamber, a Bayside Spa  team member will explain what the treatment will involve and the techniques to help clear your ears during pressurisation. These include yawning, swallowing and lightly pressing to ensure you remain comfortable during your session.

The ambient air inside the HBOT chamber is pressurised at a safe and effective with pressure reached within the first five minutes of entering the chamber. Once the right pressurisation is achieved, you will be able to relax in the chamber. Clients wear an oxygen mask while in the chamber that supplies extra oxygen which is also pressurised.

Once your session is complete, it will take three minutes for the pressure to be released from the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. During this time, you will need to use the recommended techniques to clear your ears.


    • Improves oxygenation and nutrients to the body’s tissues
    • Boosts blood cells and improves circulation
    • Cell repair & enhances growth of new cells
    • Improves strength & energy
    • Reduces fatigue and jet lag
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Increases metabolism
    • Improves sleeping patterns
    • Improves concentration, memory and brain clarity
    • Helps muscle repair
    • Accelerates injury recovery
    • Boosts collagen & rejuvenates skin
    • May strengthen immune system
    • Relieves stress and anxiety
    • Anti-aging and cosmetic effect
    • Wound healing
    • Helps reduce swelling and Oedema
  • Prices
    • 60 minutes – $70.00
    • 90 minutes – $95.00
    • 90 minutes – $95.00
    • 3 session package 60 min – $180.00
    • 3 session package 90 min – $240.00
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Normatec Recovery Boots & Sleeves

The ultimate recovery experience and Lymphatic Drainage with cutting-edge technology and powerful results. NormaTec gives you fresh legs or fresh arms faster, helps you warm up pre-workout, and optimises your recovery post-training and injury – even those suffering puffy ankles and legs due to standing all day at work or pregnancy. 

Suitable for everyone anytime.

Created by a physician bioengineer (MD, PhD) to enhance blood flow and speed recovery, the NormaTec Massage Pattern employs three key techniques, pulsing, distal release, and gradients; all to maximise your recovery, remove waste and improve circulation.



    • Enhances circulation and blood flow
    • Reduces Lactic Acid
    • Reduces inflammation and excess fluids
    • Helps remove waste and toxins
    • Clears blockages
    • Relaxation and stress relief
    • Increases flexibility and range of motion
    • Reduces cellulite
    • Helps prevent and eliminate first-stage varicose veins
    • Relieves aches and soreness
    • Rejuvenates muscles
    • Accelerates recovery
    • Management of exercised-induced muscle damage (DOMS)
    • Helps you perform at your peak

Infrared Sauna

Feeling run down, overworked and fatigued?

We have the latest offerings in health management. Using the High-tec Full Spectrum Infrared Therapy Unit, this sauna offers the latest technology.

Why not boost your immunity, energy or general wellness with a loaded IV infusion with our highly experienced nurse Robyn. Visit on your own or book a session with a friend for a discount.

Ideal for anyone wanting to manage pain relief, sleep issues, muscle & joint pain or weight loss.

  • The health benefits are numerous, here are just a few:
    • A unique sauna that burns 600 calories in one 30 minute session.
    • Assists in weight control and removing cellulite (fat becomes water soluble at 43C).
    • Creates the same amount of perspiration as a 10km run.
    • Removes accumulation of potentially carcinogenic heavy metals and chemicals.
    • Strengthens your immune system.
    • And many more benefits.

Infrared temperature ranges from 35-65C

  • Prices
    • 45 minutes – $45.00
    • 45 minutes for 2 people – $55.00
    • 5 session package – $175.00
    • 5 session package for 2 people – $225.00
    • 10 session package – $300.00
    • With any treatment – $35
    • BOOK NOW (03) 9397 6877

IV Infusion Drips