Personal Training & Fitness

Personal training at Bayside Body Therapy incorporates VibroGym, body weight and resistance training, Pilate’s reformer and boxing sessions. Kettlebell training

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced exercise enthusiast, 18 or 80, our experienced personal trainer and accredited boxing instructor will help you reach your health goals.

The programs are varied, and sessions will include important functional exercises mixed with specific workouts that are structured for each individual. No one person is the same, there are no generic “one suits all” programs that you find in gyms.

If you are serious about increasing your health and wellbeing, please get in touch with Bayside and book in for your complimentary health consultation with our trainer!

The Revolution in Fitness

VibroGym is a worldwide advance in training that has been used in Europe and the USA since 1999. One 15-minute workout on the VibroGym creates equivalent gains to 1 hour of conventional training. This is achieved with minimal stress on the joints and ligaments.

Originally based on research done by Russian Space Scientists to combat the effects of micro-gravity on cosmonauts, vibration training has been adapted to enhance sports performance, fitness and wellbeing.

Uses of the VibroGym

Body-Toning and Fat Loss – VibroGym is an ideal way to increase energy expenditure to promote body-toning, fat loss and increase metabolism (basal metabolic rate). VibroGym has been shown to improve body-tone by increasing strength and lean body mass with less training time than conventional methods.

Cellulite Reduction – Research at the well-known Sanaderm Health Clinic in Germany found that when exercises and massage were performed three times a week on the VibroGym for 24 weeks, cellulite was reduced by 25.68%. When combined with cardio training this increased to 32.30%

Enhancing Core Stability – The whole-body vibrations of the VibroGym can enhance activation of the deep abdominal and back muscles while training on the platform. Activation of these muscles is important for improving posture and preventing back pain.

Massage and Flexibility Improvements – The true value of the Vibro Gym is its versatility. Vibro Gym can be used to enhance stretching, to create muscle relaxation and for massage.

Specializing in general Fitness Weight loss sports specific training all levels of fitness are welcome and catered for.  A goal based style of training in a tranquil and private training area.

Improve Circulation and Recovery from Training – Training on the VibroGym can reduce delayed onset muscle soreness after training, improve the levels of recovery hormones in the body and increase circulation to promote faster recovery from training.

Safe Form of Exercise for Osteoporosis and Arthritis Sufferers – Exercising on the VibroGym is low impact and ideal for osteoporosis and arthritis sufferers.