Bayside Body and Spa Therapy Staff

All our therapists are trained in many different therapies and come to Bayside with many years of experience.

Our rooms are warm and inviting . also you can relax beforehand an try our beautiful Aveda tea in our waiting area.

Rochelle is the owner of Bayside Body & Spa Therapy and has 25 years of experience in the industry. She is qualified in fitness massage, nutrition and beauty therapy. She has worked overseas and brings a great wealth of experience to her work.She is always updating her skills to keep ahead in the industry, and has been the owner of Bayside Body & Spa Therapy for over 10 years.

Bree is a senior beauty therapist with 6 years of experience in the industry. She has worked alongside remedial and myotherapists throughout her career. Offering an impressive range of abilities, Bree's talents are not to be missed.

Skye is a beauty therapist with 20 years experience in Beauty Therapy. She has owned her own salon in Launceston and has taught Beauty therapy; she is highly regarded in the industry. Skye brings her exceptional talents to Bayside Body & Spa Therapy.

Rosanna is an inspiring woman with many qualifications, and 26 years of experience in the wellness industry. She will take care of your health holistically and help you achieve more than your fitness and weight loss goals.

She brings the richness of her life experience to her work and offers compassion, clarity, knowledge, awareness and inspiration to her clients.


Rochelle Fisher Owner/manager- Remedial Massage Therapist – Reflexologist – Colon Hydro Therapist – Beauty Therapist -- Dry Needling -- Rock Tape


Bree - Senior Beauty Therapist/Massage Therapist/Reiki Therapist


Skye - Beauty Therapist


Denise Valinatos - -Remedial Massage Therapist


Tracy Bacon - Remedial Massage/Reiki Therapist – Khuana -Reflexology/Dry Needling


Sharon Carr-Remedial Massage Therapist/Reiki Therapist


Belinda Harvey-Remedial Massage Therapist




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